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THE BOYS Season 3 ENDING EXPLAINED + Season 4 Theories. Читайте комиксы онлайн в высоком качестве (Read comics online in high quality)

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Wow. That was an incredible ending to season 3 of the Boys. Homelander [SPOILERS]. a guy in broad daylight, and the people love him for it. In the fin...

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THE BOYS Season 3 ENDING EXPLAINED + Season 4 Theories - Read comics online free in high quality (Читайте комиксы онлайн бесплатно в высоком качестве)

Wow. That was an incredible ending to season 3 of the Boys. Homelander [SPOILERS]. a guy in broad daylight, and the people love him for it. In the final moments Ryan smiles....like he's proud of his dad, and wants to be more like him. We explain what this means for season 4, and what this means for the future of The Boys

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (https://pavel8866.wixsite.com/pavelt) pavel8866@gmail.com
Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)

The Boys Season 3 ended on a mind blowing cliffhanger, Homelander lazers a guy in front of a crowd of people. And this time it wasn’t all in his head, it happened for real.
But in a shocking twist, the fans begin to cheer him - ignoring the fact that Homelander just murder a man right in front of their eyes.

There’s so much to upack about the ending scene, like why is Ryan smiling at the end? But there’s also so much to say about this final episode. What’s Victoria Neuman up to, what’s happened to Soldier Boy. And how is the world going to react to what Homelander just did. And we got to talk about how the ending of season 3 sets up the story for season 4, and probably the rest of the show.

At the start of the season, Homelander told the Deep that [clip]. But This is the actual first time the public saw who Homelander really is - A murdering psychopath. And they love him for that.

Homelander and Vought are masters of manipulation, rebranding lies as the truth.
Just another product that is sold by their own media companies to the public, who are nothing more than consumers.

The truth is just disingenuous posturing, rebranded, repackaged and sold as validation to a target audience. Pandering to extreme ideology and opinions.
That’s the product the people want, they don’t want to hear anything that challenges their beliefs. Nope, they want to hear their opinions echoed by people with authority.
That’s why Homelander is so appealing to certain groups in America.

Ironically, this idea is represented visually - the dead guy wears a “Belive Stormlight” shirt. Homelander kills him in front of a group of fanatic fans. Killing the truth in broad-daylight.
Just like all the lies, the people swallow the murder, adjusting it into their own wrapped word-view.

Todd - MM’s ex-wife’s husband, who’s soon to be MM’s ex-wife’s ex-husband - breaks the silence by cheering Homelander.

And then on cue, the others join Todd. Almost like they just needed validation from one person to cheer, that it’s ok to celebrate murder because that guy did it first. The crowd is a validation slut, just like Homelander.

They don’t cheer Homlander out of fear, they do it because they want to believe in him. In their minds, he stood up for himself and them.
That guy is a Starlight supporter, and he is the enemy.

In his interviews with Cameron Coleman, Homelander created the narrative of us vs them. Putting himself on the same team as the people, while creating those shadowy figures called the “they”.

The “they” are an abstract, they can be anyone who’s against the “us”. They are the “lame-stram media”, the rich and powerful, politicians, and anyone else. Anyone who Homelander choses as an enemy.

History is filled with people who used the “us vs them” propaganda.
This is how fanatic leaders weaponizing words, creating propaganda, to convice their followrs to execute genocides and holocusts.
How civilians decide to ignore the horrific crimes of their leaders, lying to themselves that it’s necessary for their protection and freedom.

So the Homelander’s fanatical fans cheer him for killing the enemy.
And this gives Homelander the toxic validation he so desperately craves.

This outburst is the first time people see the real Homelander.
Not the pendering lie, not the god-chosen idol Vaguht created.
No this is the Homelander that only a few has ever seen.

For so long he was afraid of how people would react to his true self, and to his complete disbelief, the people cheer him, they still love him, even when they see the murdering deranged monster he truly is.

Читайте комиксы онлайн бесплатно в высоком качестве / Read comics online free in high quality

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